Where required, we carry out more specialised botanical surveys focusing on target or individual species of critical and Schedule 8 taxa.

Dr Kate Thorne has previously held licences to disturb Luronium natans (a Schedule 8 protected plant), and has compiled the local Biodiversity Action Plan for this species. She also has specialist knowledge of wild roses and hawkweeds.

As the Montgomeryshire county plant recorder for the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland (BSBI), Kate Thorne is involved with updating all Montgomeryshire (Powys) plant records with the emphasis on county and/or national rare and scarce plants.

In early 2017, the Rare Plant Register for Montgomeryshire was updated. Most counties now have Rare Plant Registers which have been drawn up by the relevant BSBI county recorders, to ensure awareness of sites where rare and scarce plants are to be found and, hopefully, to safeguard them. These, and all post-2005 records for Montgomeryshire, are held by the Biological Information Service (BIS) and are available when records are sought as part of ecological appraisals prior to developments.

This year has been a busy time botanical surveys and for collecting plant field data for the county, for input into both the BSBI database and the BIS for Powys. The field data is largely collected by voluntary recorders, records being verified by the county recorder before entry into any database.

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